Keep the Romance Bright with Mood Lighting

Valentine’s Day has passed but the passion has not dimmed. How about the lighting? Lamps, ceiling lighting and dimmers can have an incredible effect, not only in setting the mood, but also in creating space for your to relax with loved ones.

Softer light slows down your day and invites relaxation and contemplation. It opens the chance to reflect on a day’s hard work, but to also turn your focus to the most important things, namely yourself and your loved ones.

Light is an environment cue that affects the production of certain hormones that impact your mood. Softer light reduces the production of serotonin, which a 1984 National Institute of Health study shows energizes and awakens you for your day’s activities.

Softer light also boosts the production of melatonin, the close cousin of serotonin that slows the body down. Melatonin therapy is used to restore sleep patterns, fight drug addictions and mental illness and even increase fertility.

Effective use of mood lighting can help keep your body’s circadian rhythms in order, helping to insure a deep sleep and restful wakening before alternative therapies and drugs are needed.

Check out this example of exceptionally soft lighting. Any guesses on who catches zzzz’s in this room and wakes up every day ready to beat his customer’s expectations?

bedroom mood lighting by electrician


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